How do you Learn New English Words?

Speaking English fluently is the primary need of today’s world. But it does not mean you should forget your native and mother tongue. You must have a good command of English Speaking to be able to stand in this competitive world. 

If you want to impress people around you with your speaking skills, you need to learn some unknown and attractive English words. 

Now, you might be wondering how I can learn new English words?

No worries, you can learn new English words by following these simple tricks.

  1. Watching English Movies

Watching movies with the English language or English subtitles will provide you with a tremendous learning advantage. You will not feel bored while learning. Watch movies and try to watch them in the English language, not in dubbed or translated language. It will help you stay focused and interested in learning. 

While watching movies, note the words or phrases that confuse you and search their meaning on the internet. If any word excites you or you feel like learning, just note down the word and its meaning in your notebook so that whenever you are free, you can practice it. 

  1. Practice English Listening

If you don’t have much time to watch movies, you can also use podcasts and other practices through which you can listen to more English new words. 

Try listening to English news, English songs, or some other audible content in the English language. 

Repeat the same activity with the listing trick also. Note the words that are new to you and rare. Find their meaning and start practicing it with your friends. 

  1. Play some Learning games 

Learning English is an exciting and fun-filled process if you choose advanced methods. 

You can download games like jumble word games, find the meaning of word games that will let you play, and learn a few rare and interesting words.

It is a free and comfy way through which you can quickly improve your skills.

There are a large number of learning apps through which you can now learn to make sentences if you are a beginner at English learning. These apps offer these features and much more than these at no cost. 

  1. Use Dictionary 

The most common and straightforward way to learn new words is by using a dictionary. Take a dictionary and randomly open any page, read the first few words, and note words that are rare to you and new to learn.

Once you have prepared a list of new words and their meaning, practice them in your conversation. Try to formulate sentences with these new words and speak fluently in front of your friends and family. 

  1. Download Wordify

If the tricks mentioned above do not suit you, you can download Wordify for learning, improving, and enhancing your speaking skills. Wordify is the only app that offers users to learn, improve and practice English in one place.

It provides you with a free learning and practicing platform where you can check your skills. 

All you need is to download the app from the play store and choose what you want to do, like learning, improvement, or practicing. There is level-wise practice so that you can judge yourself where you stand. 

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