Six Tips to Learn New Words

Learning English is somewhat necessary and needed to communicate with the world. There can be many reasons to work on your English and impress people with your communication skills, and you need to use new and unique words. People consider you impressive if you use new and unique words. 

Here in this blog, we will be discussing some of the most useful tips to learn new words:

Six Tips to Learn New and Unique Words

The most useful and practical tips to learn new words are given below. Check out these tips and choose one that matches your preference:

1. More Reading.

You’ll learn more words the more you read, not only novels but also newspapers, comics, and magazines. You can learn new words by reading and trying to find the meaning of sentences. Make a list of new words and find the meaning of them, practice it in your daily sentences to memorize it for much longer. Your vocabulary will explode!

2. Dictionaries and Encyclopedias are essential.

You can use any version you like, whether it’s in print, online, or software. A high-quality dictionary is 100 times more useful than google translate because using a dictionary will help you remember for a longer time, and it is much faster. Use the dictionary to look it up to find the pronunciation and meaning of a word you have just discovered. Next, use the encyclopedia to find similar words and phrases and their opposites, i.e., synonyms or antonyms.

3. Create your dictionary

It is good to note down any new words that you find in a notepad. Writing them down will help you recognize the words as you read. A dictionary with all the words you learn will help you feel confident to learn more words, especially when you see how many words you have already learned, and you will start using them in your daily communication.

4. Have fun, play games to learn words.

Word games are great for expanding and enhancing your vocabulary. Crossword puzzles, anagrams, and word jumble are just a few examples. Get these apps on your device and play these games whenever you find suitable leisure time.

5. Engage in conversation

Talking with others can help you discover new words, just like reading, you should write down any new words you hear so you can later study them. Then, slowly, you can add them to your vocabulary.

The way to improve your vocabulary is within reach. Using the information in this article, it is possible to learn new words and expand your vocabulary. Remember to practice using your new words in writing and speech so you can retain them. 

6. Use of Smart and Advanced Apps

There are a lot of apps that let you learn new and advanced words for free. Wordify is one of the best apps that let you learn new and unique words easily in an interesting and fun way. Download Wordify and you will learn new words and English norms also for free. 

With Wordify, you can learn grammar, advanced English, and much more in a fun way. 
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